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How to Create Your Own Product

The first module is called Module 1.

This is the eleventh chapter.


In order to do research and make an outline, you need to do both of these things:

One hundred and one: 1. INTRODUCTION

Second, here are the goals for the project.

In 3.0, the main content is

1. Start with a product that gives information

3.2 The advantages of this

The Levers

The global market

Putting the Power of Global Alliances to Use

Better Prepared for a World-Wide Success.

You become a highly sought-after expert.

Robust resources for high-end sales

Residual Income of the highest order.

High returns on your money

3.3 Negative things about this sentence

3.3.1 The Curve of the Learning Process

It was a great start.

Remember, “Everything is a Remix.”

3.6.0 How to Decide on the Type of Product You Want to Make 3.6.0

3.6.1 Meet the specific needs of the person who wants it

Conduct a poll of your audience.

You should look for blog comments and forums on your niche market on the Internet to find out what people think about it.

Between the lines, look for clues.

Show off your skills.

With your favourite method at hand, start with 3.7.0




Forms 3.8


The first thing you should do is do some research on the market.

3.9.2 Finding information that can be sold.

Private rights to sell

It’s a good idea to talk to people

Organize a list of common questions and give answers.

In some cases, it’s OK to steal from someone.

Record other people’s seminars and use them again and again, like a movie.

There are two ways to set up webcam meetings and phone meetings:

Using your computer, take a picture of your skills.

Adapt a well-known eBook into another language.

Making your own product is both an act and an art.

In 3.10.1, write down your product outline.

An ebook is written in full.

Make it into a PDF

Make your eBook look good by decorating it.

Write the Email Swipes

3.12 Make and set up the sales letter. This is the last step.


This is how it goes:

This is the sixth assignment.

One hundred and one: 1. INTRODUCTION

A better idea is to make your own product and sell it to your customers, but there are both good and bad things about it.

Second, here are the goals for the project.

To give specifics about how to make an information product.

To give useful links so this can happen

To make people want to use this e-course to plan and make their first information product.

3.0 The main course.

When you start a business on the Internet, two things will come to mind right away.

The two are:

Is your self-hosted website going to be the place where you sell your own products and offer services?

someone else’s product and service?

In other words, what are you going to sell to your customers in your business?

1. Start with a product that gives information

What do you want to do? Let’s say that you want to sell your own information products. You might not want to start out with a service like web hosting or website design because you might not be very good at technical things like making a website (AKA a Techie).

There is a chance that you will reach that point one day, if that is what you want. When you start an online business now, it is a good idea to start with an information product because it is a quick and easy way to make money.

A better idea is to make your own product and sell it to your customers, but there are both good and bad things about it:

3.2.0 has some good things.

The Levers

The Internet gives businesses more power now than ever before in the history of business.

This statement will make more sense if you read the book “Retire Young, Retire Rich” by Robert Kiyosaki. If you have not done so already, hurry up and do so now.

This means that your business will be able to make more money in a shorter amount of time.

The global market

One digital product to sell all over the world is more than enough to get us out of the woods if we know what to do.

People who know the process are what really matter in this business, and this is what you should pay close attention to learn in these early years of this business.

If you do this, then the rest of your life is history, and you are the one who will make or rather, make your own life history.

Putting the Power of Global Alliances to Use

As a result of Affiliates who give you their lists and expertise for free so that you can market your products.

Better Prepared for a World-Wide Success.

The skills and experience you learn in the process make you one of the best around the world, not just a local hero. You’re not just a winner for a short time, but for a long time to come. No, I can’t.

You become a highly sought-after expert.

After the first time, you can now build more and more products faster. If you want to, you can do this for yourself and for other people.

Robust resources for high-end sales

Your first product can easily be turned into other things that can be sold for more money, like an audiobook, an ebook, or a membership site.

Residual Income of the highest order.

You just make it once and sell it over and over again, with only a few and very rare changes to keep up with technological changes in the market.

High returns on your money

Those things aren’t even possible in any other field. Most of the time, when it’s done right, it usually brings in more than 100% of the money that was invested on a regular basis (ROI).

A digital product owner can enjoy a lot of other benefits, but let’s break now so that we can talk about other things.

Cons: 3.3.1

3.3.1 The Curve of the Learning Process

This will take more time and money.

Then, it’s possible.

It was a great start.

Professionals and people who have a lot of need for their skills can start by selling advice on that topic on the web.

As an example, you could be a Tailor, Seamstress, Organizer or Teacher. You could also be a Doctor, Engineer, Accountant, Nurse, or a Teacher. Use the tools we talked about in chapters 2 and 3 of this ecourse to do market research on the parts of your job that people are interested in learning more about.

This and the next chapter will show you how to use the results of your market research to make your own product, like we did in this and the next one.

There are many ways that a teacher could decide to teach the whole world instead of just his students in class. There are a lot of people around the world who want to take any of these courses.

tips for beauty

Language lessons: French, German, Russian, Chinese, and even English are taught. You can also learn how to speak English.

People all over the world want these lessons because our world has become a small village.

As a nurse, you can teach about health with a special focus on natural medicines. Most of the illnesses that Western (Orthodox) medicine has found impossible to treat have been solved with the help of these natural medicines. Natural cures for diseases like arthritis and diabetes are selling like hot cakes on the internet now because people are interested in them.

If you want to make money by giving out advice, the three main things to focus on are health and beauty, love and relationships, and how to make money.

But this doesn’t mean that information isn’t selling in other places, or that people aren’t making money online selling other things that aren’t the big three. For example, a person who is an Engineer might use Technical Writing. Even if you aren’t an engineer, you can do well with technical writing.

When you think about your own country, what are the problems that people are having right now? Remember that your information product is not meant to be all about you. It is meant to help people who buy it solve their immediate problems, not to talk about you.

Do you want to go abroad? Do you want to get an education abroad? Do you want to learn baking? Do you want to grow rice? Do you want to import cassava or garlic? Do you want to learn computer programming? Do you want to decorate?

First, decide whether you want to start selling at home or abroad. This will cut down on the amount of time and confusion that comes with choosing what to sell.

Each market has a whole lot of different things going for it.

As before, you don’t need to be an expert in the field to do this job.

Find out what people want and put together information that meets that need. Then give it to them for a profit.

Remember, “Everything is a Remix.”

You can search for “Everything Is a Remix on Vimeo” on Google and watch the video online.

Remember, too, what Steve Jobs said:

A good artist copies, a great artist steals. If someone comes up with a great idea, we’ve never been ashamed to steal it.

This all comes down to this: creativity + invention = invention (s).

Another way to look at it: The foundation of today’s information and communication industry was built on the invention of the telephone:

Then, you call.

Then, radio.

Then, send a telegram (telegraph).

Then, there was black and white TV.

Then, there will be coloured TV.

Satellite TV, then,

Then, a cell phone.

Then, you can watch satellite TV on your phone or computer.

It can be used for private and public satellite TV channels. YouTube

Radio Channels for private and public use in both mobile phones and PCs

And so on and so on. I haven’t talked about all of the things that are out there. There are many more to come.

How did one come first? I’m not interested in that, but my main concerns are: How did one come first?

main new idea** and the main old one*

the ability to think outside of the box

the new ideas and

When it comes to inventions, the “market mix” is the same.

Graham Bell’s phone was the start of it all.

In fact, if you search the internet, you will find that Graham Bell did not invent the telephone. The court, the US, and history at large gave it to him because of the clever and wise ideas he added to the original patent that made it commercially viable until now.

As a whole, this refers to communication through the old, usual, and natural ways.

** The main new idea here is that communication can be done through new or unknown ways. In the case of the telephone, this means communication through electricity.

In chapter 9 of this course, I talked about how to steal wisely.

In the 21st century, you don’t even need to steal. If you ask the experts for a sample or free copy, they will gladly give it to you, even if you don’t pay them.

If something old has been given a new dress, shape, or form, don’t be afraid. Could be very useful to you or at least to the rest of us.

In fact, you don’t need to do anything. Just go and take a long look at the markets and all of the categories. You’ll find profitable niches and sub niches to play in.

A place to start is on a site like Nairaland or Hot Spot, or on a site like ClickBank or JVZOo.

3.6.0 How to Decide on the Type of Product You Want to Make 3.6.0

Please pay attention to what I’m about to say.

It is what makes the difference between a successful business and one that doesn’t work out very well. If you’re running a business offline, this also applies.

Don’t sell things that people don’t want. Find out what they need to use and solve their problems and get or make the information products for them. They will gladly and repeatedly give you their money in exchange for the answer to their problem.

Another word for this:

People usually want to buy the answer to their problems. A sore or painful spot in their life that they want to get better as soon as possible, or they want to enjoy a certain level of pleasure. That is why they go online to look for help.

So, your product must help them with their sore or painful parts of their lives, or it must make them happy. It must help them with a specific pain or make them happy in a specific way.

Those are the only things that will make them come to your site in droves to look for your product. As long as it relieves their pain or makes them happy, they will gladly and often pay you for it.

Online business: First, find out what people want to buy, then find or make the product and sell it to them for a profit. This is another way of saying it.

In real life, this works the other way around. People first look for or make a product before they look for a market to sell it to.

Thus, this small difference is what makes online business a lot more profitable than its offline counterparts.

People are ready, willing, and even hungry to buy your information product when you’re done with the process of making one, so you can sell it.

3.6.1 Meet the specific needs of the person who wants it

Making sure your product will meet a specific need and make a lot of money is one way to make sure.

Conduct a poll of your audience.

If you already have a blog or email list, this is possible. If not, don’t worry. We’ll show you how to do this next.

Make sure you ask them about what kind of product they want, how they want it to look, and what topics they want to learn about. Find time to talk to your blog readers or people on your email list. It can be a lot of fun.

You should look for blog comments and forums on your niche market on the Internet to find out what people think about it.

To talk about their problems and cares, a lot of people go on the internet to do this A lot of people are talking about a certain topic in a forum or blog, which means that products to help with that topic will sell well. Do not be afraid to sign up for some blogs and forums, because this is why they do this. In the process, don’t forget about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. You can also use Instagram, YouTube, Google Hangout, and more.

Between the lines, look for clues.

This is a new way to do things. For example, if you already sell affiliate products online, then look at the types of products that people buy often and make your own version of them in the market. It will be a huge hit.

Everything is a remix!

Everything in life is a remix.

You can also look at your blog to see which articles are the most popular and then make products based on them to sell. Add your links to the products that are popular and you’re ready to go now.

Show off your skills.

As you can see, I have already talked about this in the paragraphs before this one. There are many ways to sell your skills online, and as a professional, you can do market research to find out how people who have the same skills as you are selling theirs.

Follow these steps one by one to avoid making a product that doesn’t make you money for your time and money. You might find one, two, or more that you can follow through with your level of experience.

Following the steps above one by one will help you come up with a product that can be sold and make money (s).

With your favourite method at hand, start with 3.7.0

In a quiet place, you can just read or speak what you want to write into a microphone that is on standby. This means that at the end, you’ll have an audio product that you can sell anywhere in the world.

This is one of the best things you can do with Audacity. To find it, type in: audacityteam.

You can later make an eBook by copying the content of your audio product into a computer software like Microsoft Word (Open Office is a free software that you can get on the internet). This will make an eBook for you.

To sell it online, all you need to do is make it into a Portable Document File (PDF) and then it can be made bigger. More on this in a little while.

There are a lot of different types of audio CDs and video CDs out there. People who start waxing music for the first time usually start with an audio CD and then move on to a video CD and other formats like FLAC and MP3.

Did you ever wonder why?

Convenience, cost, and what you want to do.

Camtasia Studio is one of the best and most popular tools for making online videos today. But you can even start with your smart phone and upload videos to YouTube, and it will be fine while you earn money to buy a better camera or learn how to use online software like Camtasia.


In the end, your product has to come in so many different forms so that you can sell it in so many different markets so that you can meet the needs of the market.

These types of forms:

Audio lessons are used to teach people how to do things

A video series is a series of videos.

a question and an answer

Membership site that adds new content every month.


Coaching is backed up by phone calls.




Short stories,



Continuity programmes – weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, bimonthly, and so on – are available.


Swipe files, and so on and so forth, as well.

If you want to start making your own digital product right now, how do you do it, and where do you start?


You should follow these steps to make an information product:

The first thing you should do is do some research on the market.

For this, Google Keyword Planner, Market Samurai, Longtail Pro, Nichebot are the best tools on the market, and they’re all free to use. One of them I’ve already talked about in this class. Other people can look up Google.

3.9.2 Finding information that can be sold.

There are ethical ways to get the information you need to make new products, even if you’re a new business person or a top-notch business person.

Among them:

Private rights to sell

You can just type that into your browser and you will see a lot of different sites. Most of the time, you buy a product and then change it to make it your own. You add your own twist to the product. Remember that this is a product that will be sold to many people, not just you. So try to make it unique by polishing it to make it stand out. If you’re using free products for this, always make sure to check the rights so that you don’t get into trouble later.

It’s a good idea to talk to people

Find people who are experts in your field and ask them for help. You can then use transcription services like Fiverr, Upwork, and so on to write them out in any way that you want. You can then use them.

Organize a list of common questions and give answers.

You can do this on your own even if you’re just starting out in your market niche. It’s also possible to hire people on sites like: Peopleperhour, 99designs, Craiglist, Toptal, and so on

In some cases, it’s OK to steal from someone.

Go to EzineArticles.com and look through the categories that you like the most. You should download about 50 articles in your chosen niche and put them together in an eBook. A video from Vimeo or YouTube can be added to the book to make it more interesting.

There are no problems with this so long as you don’t remove the author resource boxes. Then, when you introduce the subject matter, make it into a PDF file and sell it, don’t forget to link to your site.

Record other people’s seminars and use them again and again, like a movie.

To help your friend record his talk, you can agree to use it to promote your own products. There is no need to hire a professional cameraman to do the job for you. You can use your phone or your camera to do it for a cheap price.

There are two ways to set up webcam meetings and phone meetings:

You need some experience and confidence to do this, even though it isn’t very hard to do at the moment. As soon as you have enough money, you can put off this step until then. An expert can help you through the process. There are both free and paid services that you can use to find out more about the world.

Some of the free ones are: Google Hangout, Zoom, Bigblue Button, Join.me, Meetingburner, Mikogo, Zohomeeting, Webhurdle and Zohomeeting.

Neither AnyMeeting nor Gotomeeting are free, but new customers can try them out for free.

Using your computer, take a picture of your skills.

If you want to teach your skills to people who are online, this is the best way to do it.

In order to make a screencast, you can use a free tool called “screencast-o-matic.”

Adapt a well-known eBook into another language.

When it comes to trade, China is now a world-wide place. If you find a book, get the rights, and adapt it into Chinese, it will sell like hot cakes. The same thing can be done with other books and other languages, too, like this.

In the business world, this is called a transcription service.

Making your own product is both an act and an art.

In 3.10.1, write down your product outline.

Start with the main topics you want to talk about in your eBook. Then write down the bullet points under each one. As you write simple explanations in between the main topics, they will become the chapters of the book, and the bullet points will become the sections and sub sections of the book.

Write the eBook in full.

You should go over the product again after the first rough draught, or manuscript, as some people call it. This time, you should cross the tees and dot the ais. It’s also a good idea to read the whole story to make sure it’s mechanically correct and that some of the points it makes are similar.

Some people may say that you should not try to be perfect because there is no perfect product in the market because the Internet world changes so quickly.

But I’m not saying that everything should be perfect. I just want to make clear that there is always more competition in the market, and that the most common victims are poor and rushed products.

To get both the Audio and the eBook versions of a book at the same time, you can use this software. You can get both the Audio and the eBook copies at the same time:

dragon is a speech-recognition programme.

Turn it into a PDF:

Your eBook can be turned into a PDF from your Microsoft word (Microsoft open office). PDF is a software that can be used on all types of computers around the world.

To send your eBook to people in different places, you should do this. People who live in different places use different kinds of software, so it’s good to have your eBook in a format that can be used by people all over the world.

For the rest of your life, think and see your business as a global project.

3.10.4 Make Your eBook Pretty.

Putting an attractive cover on your eBook will make it more likely to be sold than if you just sold the PDF as a file. This is more than common sense.


If you don’t know how to do this on your own, you can hire someone to do it for you at ebookbaby, myecovermaker, or even Fiverr.

Write the Email Swipes

This is how you’ll show people what you’ve done with emails.

It’s time to think of yourself as a Vendor on one or more of the Affiliate Program sites like ClickBank or the Affiliate network like Commission Junction now.

Following up emails that you and your Affiliates will send to your leads are called “email swipes.” Most people won’t buy from you until you have talked to them about seven times. Do it now.

3.12 Make and set up the sales letter. This is the last step.

One of the best ways to make money is to write a good sales letter.

People who sign up after seeing your ads will see this page. That text is very specific about why he should buy your product, how much he should pay, and which account he should put the money in.

Make sure that your sales letter is written well. If you want your site to be interesting, you should mix text with images.

But if you’re afraid, you can hire a virtual assistant at Fiverr to do this for you, even though you’re afraid.

3.13 Make sure everything is set up and ready for sales.

By now, you should have set up a website for this product that you own and run on your own. There are both free and paid software that can help you with this, depending on how much money you have to work with.

Just put everything on the website, including the email swipes, sales letter, and all the graphics and files that go with them.

People who know you and can help you test-run your business before you start putting it out there.

3.14 The money is in the links.

We are living in a LINK ECONOMY, which means that the money from this business comes from the links.

In other words, make sure that your links work. Make sure you have permission to use free products you find on the internet to avoid legal problems. Also, make sure the download link for your own product is working as it should.

That’s the point.


Many pages, many sections, and many sub sections have been read.

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